Nice to meet you!

I’m Lorraine, daughter, sister, wife, creative, entrepreneur, Christian, performer, project manager, facilitator, public speaker, philanthropist,  foodie, Londoner and coach.


After creating and delivering life-changing arts programmes all over the world, I was honoured when entrepreneurs asked me to help them increase their impact in their creative ventures. I’m so inspired to support changemakers taking courageous action and using their creative gifts and talents to change the world.

The key to unlocking my clients' success has always been in understanding their own personal and powerful stories.  I love helping people really learn to love themselves so that they can launch award-winning programmes, run sellout events and exciting projects that touch other people’s lives in a profound way.

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Selected Clients and Partners


I’ve worked with some big names through the years. I enjoy working with individuals and companies, not-for-profits, community organisations and schools of all sizes:  I particularly welcome artists, educators, changemakers and entrepreneurs. All of my clients have creative vision, a heart for change and big dreams. 


Check out my client stories for inspiration about how we might work together

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Career Highlights

  • Performing at Disney, the London Palladium, the Royal Albert Hall and Harrods
  • Producing award-winning films, sell-out events and international film and festivals
  • Facilitating a cultural exchange for children with special needs in Germany
  • Teaching and directing all over the UK, Europe, America
  • Meeting my first client from Australia in person in London recently
  • Seeing clients overcome some really challenging circumstances such as unemployment, homelessness, crime, drug and alcohol addiction, refugee camps and go onto to turn their lives completely around
  • Launching a community acting programme where the participants went on to gain entry into prestigious drama schools, take up exciting promotions, start their own businesses and travel the world
  • Getting amazing results for my coaching clients and sharing their success with them as they take flight!


My Values


Set an example people want to follow


Have purpose in every area of life


Be kind to yourself and others


Grow, develop, flourish and thrive


Be brave, bold and courageous


Take joy in everything you do

"Your upbeat, compassionate personality and unique style instantly put me at ease… With Lorraine’s perfect blend of inner-mindset work, practical steps and love, I can’t recommend her highly enough" Deborah Farquhar, Personal Trainer, Health and Happiness Coach